kickernation: License-Agreement (Version 6.x)

This license-agreement is not always the same. It depends on the software-version you have. Therefore, please make sure you read this agreement exactly before you use the software.

CAUTION: Be careful copying the whole directory. It contains your personal ID and KEY. Each copy will be used in YOUR name.

The kickernation-software is copyright by Christian Wollmann.

You can buy a license for the full version, consisting of an ID and a KEY. This ID and KEY are registered on your name. It is also not allowed to transfer or give or borrow your personal ID/KEY to other persons.

It is not allowed to install or run the full version of the software on more than one computer at once with the same ID/KEY.

It is allowed to copy the kickernation-software for free (only the downloaded file). Each copy must be a complete version like downloaded from kickernation. In your own interest you should only copy original downloaded versions from kickernation. Be careful with copying your folder "/bntree". You may transfer critical information (e.g. lots of passwords) to others.

It is not allowed to sell or lease the kickernation-software.

It is not allowed to change anything on the kickernation-software. Allowed changes are indicated clearly.

This software comes with absolutely no warranty. There is no warranty on the free version and no warranty on the limited versions. There also is no compensation for damages caused by the software.

The complete SMS-system comes without any warranty. As everybody knows, hardware, computers, internet-connections may crash sometimes. However, we will do our very best to prevent that and to keep down time low. Make sure, that you have alternatives in case of SMS-crash.

To avoid abuse the IP, time/date, handy-number and the whole SMS-text is logged in a database. Each user is responsible for any kind of damage he causes himself and for each kind of damage that is caused by usage of his account.

Don't give your account-data (username/password) to anyone. Avoid copying your "bntree"-folder to someone. This folder contains your account-data.

Each case of abuse will be reported to police.

For each case of abuse or non-compliance with this license-agreement we will file a suit. The place of jurisdiction is Stuttgart in Germany.

kickernation reserves the right to decline the usage of the software to particular persons or institutions (e.g. in case of abuse).

Used software
This software is written in PHP (accelerated by eAccelerator), database is MySQL, webserver is APACHE. Also the GZIP-compressing-program is used. All of them have an own license-agreement, mostly based on GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. You can find each particular license-agreement in its own directory.

Severability clause
If any provision of this license-agreement should become void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall in no way be affected. The void provision shall be replaced by another legally enforceable provision, which comes as economically close as possible to the void provision in sense and purpose. The same applies to possible gaps.